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    Probation is one of several penalties – one part of the overall sentence – typically imposed by the courts for a criminal conviction in the state of California. In fact, a full sentence may include probation along with community service, fines, classes, or jail time. A serious traffic violation o...
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    While showing up to your court date is extremely important, sometimes things happen that make it impossible to make an appearance. If you have missed your court date, do not panic. There are things you can do to rectify the situation and not make things worse for yourself.  First, let us talk ab...
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  • Have You Been Charged With Robbery?

    A robbery falls under Penal Code (PC) 211 in California. The basic robbery definition is using force or fear to take property from the immediate possession of someone else against their will. It's a serious and violent felony that counts as a strike under the state's Three Strikes Law, regardless...
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  • What Is Murder (PC 187)? Defenses and Punishment.

    What is murder?  California Penal Code § 187(a) defines murder as an act, with malice, that causes the death of another person (or fetus) without a lawful excuse or legal justification.  It is a strike offense under the California “Three Strikes Law” that specifies certain violent or serious felo...
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    Parties who have filed their petitions with the family court seeking a divorce, grandparent rights, modifications of orders, paternity, or other relief may have to wait months for a hearing. Unfortunately, some matters might be pressing and cannot wait for months to be resolved. In those cases, t...
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